When is the best time to buy your steel building?

by Lindsey Murphy

When looking into purchasing a steel building the question of when to buy is an interesting and important question to consider. Like any other industry, the steel business tends to have a peak season and an off-season. During the peak season, demand is higher, therefore the prices of steel are higher. During the off-season when demand is lower, the steel prices are lower. The location you choose to erect your building in will play a pivotal role in determining when you should purchase your steel building. This is because depending on the weather at your erection site you may not be able to begin construction during the off-season.

The peak season for steel building suppliers is April through August. If your erection site is located in the northern part of the US, you will likely have to begin construction during this time of the year to avoid cold, winter weather. This time of year is generally when the steel industry sees an increase in the cost of steel. You will want to order your building early, between February and August, to allow enough time for your project to be engineered, detailed, fabricated, and delivered during this busy season. Most builders will want to push to have your building completed by October before winter weather hits and possibly halts construction projects. However, if you have access to a weather safe area that you could store your building in during the winter months you could receive a significant savings if you order during the off-season, which is generally September through March.

If your erection site is located in the southern part of the US, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the off-season savings that are generally available. Because the demand for steel is generally lower in the winter months there could be some savings available during this time of the year. The warmer climate means that your project is less likely to be impacted by cold weather that the northern part of the country will experience.

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