Letter From Ryan of Spirit Implements

by Ryan R. Delaney

I wanted to write you a letter and let you know how impressed I am with your product and your organization. When we began our search for a manufacturer and supplier for our new building, we had many choices. There were the high-pressure commission guys that promise that the price is going up by the end of the day, and that it sure was a good thing that you called today. The other common tactic is the companies that tell you that their fiscal year just happens to end in whatever month you call them and that they are going to work you out the best deal possible to push their sales to a new record. They need to have your phone number and name before any other information and they start calling you back almost before you end your phone call with them. They are rude, unprofessional, and the horror stories from people who have worked with companies like this are endless. Then there are the huge companies that spend millions of dollars in advertising every year and therefore must pass these costs on to their customers and cannot be competitive with their pricing. I am certain that these companies have a great product, however, they have priced their product out of the budget for our project. We came across your company and really did not know what to expect.

We started with your company as we did with all of the others. We discussed our project in general terms, ballpark pricing, options, etc…. The pricing was not the highest, not the lowest; but it was very competitive. We decided to engage in further talks. What impressed me was the very high level of customer service. We decided to walk by faith and place a down payment with your company.

Doing business with other steel building companies in the past, and having less than perfect results, we wanted something more. What we were faced with was a new project with a unique set of requirements from our local building department and state to meet building codes. We had to trust that your company would follow through and do what you said you would do. What we found is that Rapidset Metal Buildings does. Our building was delivered exactly on the day that it was scheduled to be delivered.  There was a delay on the sheet metal due to a factory problem, but this did not delay our project and the sheet metal was shipped from a factory in Texas instead of Indiana at NO COST to our company. The siding and roofing was delivered as promised and did not delay the construction. It took an extra truck to deliver the siding and roofing; there was NO EXTRA COST to our company for this service.

How could your service be any better?

The drawings were perfect; the construction of all of the beams girts and purlins was perfect. Everything bolted together without any rework.  This is the FIRST building we have ever constructed that we did not spend at least 100 man-hours on redrilling, reworking, and refitting factory mistakes. At $65.00 per man-hour, this savings is a direct pass through to the bottom line. Not only the rework, but the ease of construction compared to other systems is unparalleled in the industry. In ten days our crew of seven men had all of the steel for our 32,000 square foot building erected. Within 18 work-days our crew will have this building roofed, sheeted, and turned over to the mechanical contractors. Steve, I’ve got to say that I am very impressed. Your building system has allowed our project to stay ahead of schedule, ahead of budget, and you have impressed not only our company, but an entire community. The question that anyone looking at your website should ask themselves is not, “Should I build with Rapidsetbuildings.com;” instead, it’s, “Can I afford not to?” I would be happy to speak with any of  our customers about my experience. I believe anyone seriously interested in building a steel building would be crazy to consider any other company.  Thank you,

Ryan R. Delaney, Pres.